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Attachment July 16, 2007

Posted by Benji in General.

Usually I’m not one to give in to “reality” TV… especially not programs that feature arrogant “celebritries” who dole out verbal abuse with an English accent… but I managed to get sucked in to the third season of Hell’s Kitchen… at least for a couple weeks.  I seem to have this amazing ability to jinx my new-found favorite players – in this case, Brad Miller, a 25 year-old sous-chef from Scottsdale.  He has the most adorable young face that is perfectly complimented by a gelled fauxhawk and scruff of facial hair.  He also had some sweet tattoos up his arms.  So of course it’s no surprise to me that my eye candy gets kicked off the show just a week or two after I start watching… 
Brad Miller
That seems to happen for nearly every show I’ve watched over the years, which isn’t really that many.  The only exceptions have been Juan Sebastian (the gay guy from Quito) on Gran Hermano del Pacifico (Big Brother for Ecuador, Colombia, and Peru) and the New York firefighter Angel on Murder in Small Town X, who was killed on 9/11, the same day his winning episode was to air… making it still qualify as a “jinx” as I guess.  And Gian Marco, my other favorite, had to lose for Juan Sebastian to win on the the show, so maybe I can count that, too.  The weird part to my tele-attachments to these players is that I see numerous people in my work at the hospitals as well, and I feel a special place for some of them.  It’s a conscious effort to not treat them differently or get attached in a way that might compromise my medical relationship with them.  For instance, with my personality, it’s hard not to want to follow up on a wheelchair-bound patient or go an extra step as patient advocate to make sure their concerns are addressed.  I also feel the same way sometimes with other bloggers I meet online, and it’s hard to keep myself in check so I don’t come on too strong.  I just don’t see the point in being abashed about wanting friendship with someone and wanting to be a good friend.  Maybe it’s this wanting that’s the jinx.  All too often, it’s just lead to disappointment…



1. Tina-cious.com - July 17, 2007

OMG I watched Murder in Small Town X… Angel was HOT! I had no idea he died in 9/11. 😦

But this one’s a lil hottie tool 🙂

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