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Countdown June 26, 2007

Posted by Benji in General.
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It’s been nearly a month since I took my last basic medical sciences exam, and despite not feeling particularly confident, it ended up being my best in the first two years of medical school.  The only thing standing between me and Third Year clerkships right now is the first step of Boards, which I take in exactly a week.  I have so much to do still!  My sleeping schedule is completely reversed, but hopefully I’ll fix that – and finish reviewing and get lots more practice in – in the next week.  I asked for people to think good thoughts for me on the last exam, and that (with a week of cramming) seemed to work, so please do the same for me again on Boards next Tuesday!  (I hope that writing about an upcoming exam isn’t bad luck!)

Separately, I’ve quickly discovered how surly medical authorship can be.  I’ve submitted pieces to other journals, but until I get an official rejection (or, more optimistically, an acceptance), I can’t send the stories elsewhere.  Further, I applied for a job working on a medical text back in January – I have some experience with this through Kaplan – and having not heard about it since March, I tried checking in again.  I won’t complain past the following: the editors (whether or not they actually looked at my application) decided they would only hire from one school… and they didn’t even have the decency to tell me!  I’m annoyed, but I’m getting over it ’cause I spoke with a different editor in the same company and I think I’m going to get some writing work through her.  It will be nice to see my name in print again!  Education runs in my blood – both my mother, aunt, and grandmother are teachers – and it would be nice to add to my resume of teaching experiences (AMSA, a Medical Spanish course this past semester, some other work with Kaplan, teaching abroad, etc.).  I guess it makes sense, though, as doctors are eternal students, and, of course, they have to be educators as well.