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All-Star Bigot February 20, 2007

Posted by Benji in General.

Celebrities complain about being in the spotlight all the time, etc.  Most of them, however, use their hero status responsibly – telling kids to stay in school, not to use drugs, etc. and occassionally some of them say how much they’re NOT a role model… but to defend Tim “Hater” Hardaway saying he hates gays by tugging at the strings of free speech is to muck up the minds of the young who followed him and to set back progress and unity not just on a basketball team but in the country as a whole.  We complain about other countries and their restricted freedoms… but it seems to me that defending hate speech in the name of freedom actually limits it as well. Hardaway’s remarks limit the freedom of gays insofar as it makes them a hated minority, it separates them while in the locker room, it says they have no right to be equals.  There are times when too much freedom for one person ends up ruining freedom for others.  His “apology” was clearly just regret for the media hailstorm he’s summoned upon himself.  I don’t ask him to like me, I just ask him not to step on my hemi-equality. 

Luckily his opinion seems pretty unpopular… at least publicly.



1. Doug - February 20, 2007

So many countries have laws against hate speech. It’s a shame the U.S. doesn’t.

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