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Diversion February 10, 2007

Posted by Benji in Games.

Well, I know I haven’t said much about med school lately, but maybe this will keep you busy while I draft up some new posts…

bomb Escape the bomb.

Eventually I solved it. I couldn’t find a walk-through spoiler anywhere, so I’ve posted a couple hints as well as a spoiler after the jump.

Hint 1: There are 3 sets of paired tools/items.  You’ll need 5 of them, plus 2 other things.

Hint 2: There are several items that don’t help you beat the game, but lead to other scenes or new (also useless) items.

Walkthrough: Click on the clock.  Click around the clock face until it swings back from the wall.  Take the gold key.  Go to the bureau on the left.  Use the key on the locked drawer.  Take the ripped note.  Click under the bureau and get the red screwdriver.  Click away and go behind the bureau to get the silver key.  Go to the calendar and click through it.  Take note of the circled date.  Click the last page.  Use the screwdriver to unbolt the plate in the wall.  Use the silver key to open it.  Take the lighter.  Go to the desk.  Take the ripped note from the trash.  Click on the locked drawer.  Use the code from the calendar to open it.  Take the scissors.  Go to the computer.  Enter the password you figured out from the ripped notes.  Read the “note” to decide which “safe mode” you should set.  Clip the appropriate wire over the trashcan.  Go back and use the lighter on the smoke detector.  It will sound and within a few minutes, the firemen will come rescue you.

Walkthrough 2: Now, above, I left you with a few things still to figure out.  This next section spoils them…  The combination for the lock on the desk is 1225.  The password for the computer actually spans both sheets of paper.  Line one is C3692, line two is 6510, and line three is QT4420.  To allow yourself to be rescued, you need to deactivate the infrared sensor on the bomb.  That’s safe mode setting 2, and you can cut the yellow wire.  For a time challenge, try activating the smoke detector before you go through the steps to deactivate the sensor.  You have about 2-3 minutes.  Additionally, you don’t need to go through the steps to piece together the notes once you’ve done it (or used my walkthrough), so that means the whole game can be solved in about 2 minutes.  The other items (cup, green screwdriver, crucifix, battery, pill, and ice cube tray) serve no purpose.  You can, however, pray at the altar and make yourself a cup of ice water…



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