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No Soy Boriqua December 31, 2006

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I love being mistaken for a Spaniard or fellow Puerto Rican while traveling around the island.  I’ve had trouble with the food, as the words are different regionally from Latin America, but it’s nice not to be such an obvious extranjero.


Paradise Lost December 27, 2006

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This incredible vista, whose white sand beaches belong to a small island off Puerto Rico, is one of the last images my digital camera captured before dying.  This was my first digital camera (a Kodak Funshare), and I bought it before going to Ukraine in 2004.  I never had problems with it until, spontaneously, the shutter stopped working, giving totally overexposed images.  The only worse place that could have happened was the Galapagos Islands in 2005, but even then, I had a backup camera.  After a somewhat… involved… trek out to the “Spanish” Virgin Islands, it was devistating to be unable to take photos!  *sighs*

Sporothrix December 15, 2006

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Upcoming exam on basic pathology and pharmacology and infectious disease… then I’ll try to write an update on my last 2 months…

SoTW: “La Jirafa” by Calle 13 December 11, 2006

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