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Books October 16, 2006

Posted by Benji in General.

There’s something exciting about buying new textbooks.  I love their crisp edges and clean matte pages, flashing with information to be communicated.  It’s like the promise of a new schoolyear as a child.


Nonetheless, I have a lot of anxiety about the next block of classes.  They make up the real “meat” of the second year curriculum…  And the next 8 months lead up to the US Medical Licensing Exam (step 1), which is absolutely horrifying for a neurotic guy like myself.  Well, I’ve made it “this far” (which isn’t really that impressive in the grand scheme of things), so I’m gunna try my best not to let this bucking bronco kick me off.  It really is a rodeo and I’ve gotta hold on for another “big 8.”



1. Doug - October 17, 2006

I feel the same way about new books. Of course, old books have their charm as well. 😉

Don’t discount the positive accomplishments you’ve made. And I’d bet it’s horrifying for a lot of students.

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